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Tailgate of the Year Winner

Ellen Arena

This year, Cookoff Before Kickoff went on a search throughout the country to find the Best College Tailgate of the Year, giving fans the chance to throw some pretty impressive parking lot parties! Ellen and Anthony Arena not only have the supplies, spirit, and stamina to be the Cookoff Before Kickoff tailgaters of the year, but they’ve also got the name for it. The Arena’s spend their Saturdays at Raymond James Stadium grilling Tyson® Cornish hens, drinking Coke Zero® and cheering the South Florida Bulls on to victory.

So how did Ellen and Anthony score the winning touchdown? The first weekend in September, USF had a home match up against Maryland. The Arena’s started their big tailgate weekend with a trip to Sam’s Club® to pick up all the supplies needed for an all-star tailgate—and of course Rocky the Bull, the University of Southern Florida’s mascot, accompanied them! At Sam’s Club® they pick up ingredients like Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning® and KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce® for their BBQ Grilled Shrimp, and no tailgate would be complete without Coke Zero® Can Chickens made with Tyson® Cornish Game Hens. The couple even invited The University of South Florida’s Athletic Director, Mark Harlan, to judge their rivalry recipe throw down. Talk about team spirit! Congrats again to Ellen and Anthony on their super successful tailgate season!


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